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A perfect timing: the story of a hero of our times, a Syrian refugee.

On the same day Trump came out with the Syrian-refugees ban, this book was published in the US: ‘A hope more powerful than the sea’.


The story is about Doaa, a 19-year old Syrian from Daraa, the city where all began. She was forced to leave her city and to take the perilous trip at sea, where the ship was attacked by pirates and 500 people drowned. But she saved herself and a small baby. Becoming a hero.


The book is written by Melissa Fleming, UNHCR Spokesperson that had met Doaa in 2015, after the shipwreck, while she was hosted by a family in Greece. “On behalf of those 500 people who drowned, can we make sure that they did not die in vain? Could we be inspired by what happened, and take a stand for a world in which every life matters?” This convinced her to write this book. And  just like the movies, the book came out exactly when Syrian refugees were banned from entering the US. Perfect timing to read the incredible story of the Syrian diaspora, through the eyes and the emotions of a simple girl who passed through the worst that could happen in a lifetime, and yet became a hero. It is such an inspirational story. You can find the book here.