Logbook of an italian cooperant in Middle East – and elsewhere


Name: Marco Rotunno

Place & date of birth: Milan, January 6th, 1984

Homes: Rome, Madrid, Amman, Sulaymaniyah, Catania, (Jerusalem).

Current job: Communications for UNHCR

Previous jobs: Assistant director, Camp manager, Head of mission, project manager…

Associations: Scouts, You.Fra. (Franciscan Youth)

Likes: collecting movie tickets, reading before bedtime, creating hits, J.Ax, KFC, Taizé, making fun of strangers, Natalie Portman, gli gnocchi, the mount Nebo, human rights, strawberries & cream, thinking of being in a movie, Stephen King, writing down everything he spends, ACF Fiorentina, doing bans.

Nicknames: Ikki, Don Marco, Romanoderoma, Rotù, Iena, Party Animal, Er Giordano, Wingman, Marcolí-Marcolino-Marcé-Marchiii-Marcoder-Marcuzzo, El Malik…


Una Risposta

  1. Maggie Jonas

    Hello – I am a journalist with BBC World Service daily news show, Newsday. We would love to speak to you about the 100,000th migrant – Simon from the Gambia, who had a daughter, Miracle, born just after they were rescued from the Med. Please do email me back – we would love to record an interview with you or even better – with Simon. Hope you can help, Maggie
    +44 2036144044 or mobile +447905481937

    Mi piace

    2017/09/11 alle 11:10 PM


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