Logbook of an italian cooperant in Middle East – and elsewhere


Name: Marco Rotunno

Place & date of birth: Milan, January 6th, 1984

Homes: Rome, Madrid, Amman, Sulaymaniyah, Catania, (Jerusalem).

Current job: Communications for UNHCR

Previous jobs: Assistant director, Camp manager, Head of mission, project manager…

Associations: Scouts, You.Fra. (Franciscan Youth)

Likes: collecting movie tickets, reading before bedtime, creating hits, J.Ax, KFC, Taizé, making fun of strangers, Natalie Portman, gli gnocchi, the mount Nebo, human rights, strawberries & cream, thinking of being in a movie, Stephen King, writing down everything he spends, ACF Fiorentina, doing bans.

Nicknames: Ikki, Don Marco, Romanoderoma, Rotù, Iena, Party Animal, Er Giordano, Wingman, Marcolí-Marcolino-Marcé-Marchiii-Marcoder-Marcuzzo, El Malik…


3 Risposte

  1. Maggie Jonas

    Hello – I am a journalist with BBC World Service daily news show, Newsday. We would love to speak to you about the 100,000th migrant – Simon from the Gambia, who had a daughter, Miracle, born just after they were rescued from the Med. Please do email me back – we would love to record an interview with you or even better – with Simon. Hope you can help, Maggie
    +44 2036144044 or mobile +447905481937

    Mi piace

    2017/09/11 alle 11:10 PM

  2. Francesca

    Salve, sono una studentessa caporedattrice della pagina di politica estera del giornale Presente. Mi piacerebbe intervistarla per poter parlare di ciò che accade ogni giorno in quei Paesi che non sono mai nominati dai media. Spero potrà collaborare per condividere le storie di coloro che cercano di attraversare il Mediterraneo in cerca di una vita migliore.

    Mi piace

    2017/11/17 alle 12:13 AM


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